Do CF-registered domains still force use CF authoritative nameservers?

There are some years-old threads on here about CF forcing all CF-registered domains to use CF authoritative nameservers, with no option to set the auth DNS to a custom value. Is this still correct? If so, this will put a hard stop on my plans to migrate all my domains to CF as registrar, I simply need the flexibility, CF being as awesome as it is.

So, is it still the case that CF does not allow non-CF auth DNS servers for its registered domains? I had planned to change registrars for a bunch of domains.

Yes, that is still the position.

The business logic is clearly that at-cost domain registration is a benefit to Cloudflare customers that use Cloudflare services (even if free which has value for CF in the data about DNS queries or traffic passthing through their network). By using an external DNS, no Cloudflare services are available to you.


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Cloudflare registrar offers at-cost domain registration as an exclusive benefit for domains that use Cloudflare nameservers. This requirement has not changed, and there is no plan for it to change that I am aware of. If you have domains that need to use third-party nameservers, they will be unable to use Cloudflare registrar.

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Thank you both. I do not want my registrar choice to depend on how the auth NS servers are hosted (the whole point is to consolidate registrars), so I’ll find another registrar.

Thanks for the info!

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