DNZ ZONE on OVH error

I set up a domain on OVH as registrar but decided to use CF for the DNS servers and records.
Still, i have an error on the Zone inside my panel…do i have to change the ZONE records to someone else that points to CF?
Below the error:

The domain works well and all the records are in CF, also the DNS servers are configured pointing to CF.
it’s the DNS zone not set up correctly.
Thanks for the help!


Thank you for asking.

When you change the domain nameservers to Cloudflare, then you manage the DNS records for your domain name at Cloudflare dashboard using your Cloudflare account.

I guess this is just a warning message? :thinking:

I see your website is working fine from my end:

Yes, site is okay, no issue, i am just bothered so wanted to make sure it was okay. Maybe i can “remove” the zone, but i opened a ticket also with them just in case to have this cleared.
Thanks Fritex for taking the time to reply!

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I am afraid if your domain registrar is OVH, then maybe they expect their nameservers to be used as “default” (since you changed them and they point to Cloudflare from now on), which might be the reason why their interface is showing you the warning/notice message.

I am just guessing.

Sure, would like to know the feedback, if possible for further cases if someone else might have the same question about it :wink:

Thank you in advance

So the OVH reply is that it’s just an error that we can ignore as the zone is not managed by them.
At the current stage, since also CF offers now registrar services for .com I will move the domain also to CF so I will have everything into a single dashboard and better management for sure!

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Thank you for feedback!

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