DNSSSEC Active @ old registrar

Same problem here. Overview app/tab is empty and I can’t find a re-check button for the name servers.

My domain has been transferred to Cloudflare 6 weeks ago. Things went wrong when I disabled the auto-setup between SiteGround (old hosting provider) and Cloudflare. But… this website was running on a different server and provider for 6 weeks as well.

I manually re-added the website to Cloudflare and now I’m stuck. This website is now basically offline for over 5 hours already because there’s no SSL certificate since Cloudflare doesn’t seem to accept this website (although the domain is at Cloudflare!). Not sure what or who is causing these issues… SiteGround or Cloudflare? I have a lot of other websites running on Cloudflare and compared settings. Nothing seems off to me.

All name servers are correct and I don’t know what to do next. Support is not answering, so far. Ticket number is 1744029.

Thank you, I see that ticket and cc’d myself. It looks like DNSSEC is active from your former registrar, DNSSec: signedDelegation. I’ll keep an eye out on progress.

I narrowed it down and came to the same conclusion that it must be related to DNSSEC. The weird thing is that I only enabled DNSSEC after the domain was moved to Cloudflare, so I don’t know how this is related to the previous registrar (SiteGround).

After a lot of research I disabled DNSSEC this afternoon and apparently it can take up to 2 days before it completely gets disables. Then Cloudflare should be able to accept this website (again) and hopefully doesn’t bug me to point the domain to the right name servers (which has already been done weeks ago). After that I should be able to enable DNSSEC again…

I hope I’m on the right path since there is no real feedback from the Cloudflare app and I’m completely in the dark here.

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Did you enable it from the cloudflare dashboard?

Yes, from the Overview tab (which main column is blank/empty, but still shows a sidebar on the right). Under “Domain Registration” I set “DNSSEC” to “Off”.

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Finally got an answer from Support:

“It seems that there is a DNSSEC DS record that has been transferred over that is preventing the zone from activating. I’ve escalated this to our registrar team to get this record removed so the zone can activate.”

So DNSSEC is the cause of this problem. Hopefully someone can remove that record soon and allow this website back on Cloudflare.

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They fixed it and everything is working again. It feels kind of uncomfortable that it turns out I don’t have full control of the domain…

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