Hello, i don’t have DS entry in the DNS ZONE of provider OVH, can i use other entry like TXT ?

DNSSEC setup requires DS records.

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It seems strange that OVH don’t propose DS records, so i can’t use it…

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Here is the entry possible

Actually, you can enable DNSSEC for domains, but maybe you are looking on the wrong tab/page?

Or it has to be available (or not) regarding which TLD are we having with OVH as a domain registar?

See below:

While adding an DS record to OVH - as if it is your domain registar, I think it is not possible - as you already tried and stated.

Maybe, but may I ask have you tried contacting their support?

Some articles from OVH (maybe outdated?):

yes I have in one click on each site the possibility to activate DNSSEC but I thought that as the nameservers were connected to Cloudflare I needed the DNSSEC from Cloudflare, but if this is not a problem I can activate the one from OVH, as long as I don’t lose the connection and the site remains visible. Thanks for all the info

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