DNSSEC validation failure after domain transfer to Cloudflare

I recently transfer my domain to cloudflare from NameCheap after successfully transfer my DNS stop working. Researched little bit on google and found

DNSSEC validation failure. Check http://dnsviz.net/d/basantfurniture.com/dnssec/ and DNSSEC Analyzer - basantfurniture.com for errors

Google Resolver Check

Diagnostic Center Link

You generally have a security issue right now, apart from DNSSEC.

You should fix your server certificate.

Did you have DNSSEC enabled before you transfer your domain from Namecheap to Cloudflare?

nop… and I confirm to NameCheap regarding this they said no ds record associated with the domain.

That’s not what your DNSSEC tests from your original post indicate.

At this point, NameCheap is out of the picture since Cloudflare is your new registrar. I suggest you open a ticket here and see if the Registrar group can clear it up. support AT cloudflare DOT com

Then post the Ticket # here from the autoreply.

Ticket #2258429

They simply replied

Email support is not available for customers on your plan type.


Your server certificate hasn’t been fixed yet.

Just take a look at this image Screenshot by Lightshot

I was referring to your server certificate.

Then your DNS provider doesn’t validate DNSSEC because even Cloudflare own Diagnostic Center showing issue in DNSSEC

Not sure how my DNS resolver is related to your broken SSL setup :slight_smile:

There is a DS record, but it is indicating the wrong algorithm.

% dig +short cds basantfurniture.com @sid.ns.cloudflare.com
2371 13 2 862B0EFF8E23222816BF41B29E772E22DA20C8C558851293960CEB89 00FC21D8

% dig +short ds basantfurniture.com @e.gtld-servers.net.
2371 14 2 862B0EFF8E23222816BF41B29E772E22DA20C8C558851293960CEB89 00FC21D8

Did you ever enable DNSSEC on this domain?

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