Dnssec using api

  1. Is there anyway to initialize DNSSEC via the API
  2. Is there any possible way to retrieve the DNSSEC Information via the API?

Otherwise this NEEDS TO be added as a feature. Many registrars support adding DS records via an API. I would like to do this programmatically, but since Cloudflare does not have a verified API method to do this, I am out of luck, as are other users.

Please help me out.



Hi @user1821, I don’t see anything in the developer docs on dnssec, it is covered in the registrar section, but I don’t see anything for general control, https://developers.cloudflare.com/registrar/Cloudflare-registrar/dnssec/. Seems like a great addition and I’d re-categorize this as a feature request.

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How do you create a feature request?

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It’s an edit to the post to select the category and it’s done. And I :voted:

Got it working via /zones/:zoneidentifier/dnssec. If you send a GET request you will get the current status and the DS settings/keys. If the status is disabled you can enable it by sending a PATCH request with the data: ‘status’ => true

The DS settings/keys where still empty after the PATCH but the status was now pending. I did another GET and then the DS settings/keys where available!

{“status”:“pending”,“flags”:257,“algorithm”:“13”,“key_type”:“ECDSAP256SHA256”,“digest_type”:“2”,“digest_algorithm”:“SHA256”,“digest”:"********** ",“ds”:" .nl. 3600 IN DS 2371 13 2 ************** ",“key_tag”:2371,“public_key”:" ",“modified_on”:“2019-10-31T09:14:55.042521Z”},“success”:true,“errors”:,“messages”:}