DNSSEC updating via registrar Bluehost

Kinda stumped here.

Enabling DNSSEC is pretty straightforward on the Cloudflare end. I get a DS record to update at my registrar. Go to Bluehost to update it via a call and they tell me since I only use them for the domain name and not hosting, I don’t have a Cpanel and cannot update the DS record with them. I refuse to move my hosting back to them just to have access to Cpanel so I can update records with them for DNSSEC. It all seems backwards and sleazy.

The helpfile on Cloudflare with instructions on how to update DS records does not seem to include the registrar ‘Bluehost’, so I’m back to being stumped.

Any suggestions?

Hi @cookingjar,

DS records should not have anything to do with hosting. You have to add them at your domain registrar. Whoever said you need cPanel, seems to think it’s a standard DNS record, which it is not.

They should know what they are doing with it, this post may have some useful information → Setting up CloudFlare DNSSEC in BlueHost

Thanks for responding.

There is no option to add the DS records at the domain registrar level. Just changing nameservers, privacy, contact, auto-renewal, and locking.

That thread was the first hit I got on a Google search and didn’t help. I went down the same path except I made a call instead of chatting. Maybe I’ll try again tomorrow and hope for a different support person.

The link used at the final post in that thread returned an error on my Bluehost dashboard. I’m at half a mind to switch between registrars because holding me hostage like this is not ethical.

The link in the last post has a specific domain on the end. Have you tried replacing that with your own domain?

Other than that, I can only recommend trying to talk to them again or switching registrar.

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