DNSSec updating for few hours


Hey! I’ve turned on DNSSec like few hours ago. It said that it can take up to an hour, but it’s still in progress. I also don’t understand “DNSSEC is pending while we wait for the DS to be added to your registrar. This usually takes ten minutes, but can take up to an hour.”. Do I have to manually add DS and DSKey records? I’ve added ovh and hostinger domains. Ovh turned off their DNSSec ( I think ) and Hostinger doesn’t turn on any.


Yes, you will need to provide your registrar with those records (unless they support CDS/CDNSKEY - but adoption of that is still low).

If your registrar doesn’t support DNSSEC at all, then DNSSEC is not going to work for you.


My domain registrar says that the DNSSec is enabled, but cloudflare want’s to turn it on. Is it alright?


Your registrar needs the DS Record Cloudflare has provided you. Did you enter them in your registrars dashboard somewhere?


I have right now. Thanks for help. I think it should be more clear that YOU have to add NS to your main registrar.


DNSSEC indeed isn’t the easiest thing to set up if you have never done it before.

The knowledge base has actually a quite extensive article about it, with guides for major registrars:


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