DNSSEC stuck on `pending`


I’ve activated DNSSEC for two of my domains yesterday morning. Checking again just now and I noticed that it is still stuck on pending, while it states it should be active within 10 to 60 minutes.

I’ve seen more community posts about this, which were resolved by manual intervention from Cloudflare and I was wondering if something like that could be done for my domains as well?


The domains in question are:

Neither domain seems to be configured for DNSSEC. You need to contact your registrar and configure that on their side.

I’ve done that already.

I doubled checked that I’ve entered the values correctly, which seem to be fine.

DS record for dndmapp.nl.eu.org:

Registar configuration for dndmapp.nl.eu.org:

DS record for oscarwellner.nl.eu.org:

Registar configuration for oscarwellner.nl.eu.org:

Then contact your registrar for clarification, as that is not live

Alright, will do.

I’ll post an update when I know more.

Thanks for the fast replies.

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