DNSSEC stuck at pending

Hey Everyone,

I recently migrated my domain registrar from DNS Simple to Cloudflare. The domain I’m having trouble with is endrpi.io. I believe I forgot to disable DNSSEC on DNS Simple before the transfer. From the Cloudflare docs, the recommendation is to enable DNSSEC on Cloudflare once the domain has transferred.

I enabled DNSSEC on the DNS page for endrpi.io as soon as the transfer completed and it gave the following message for a few days:

“DNSSEC is pending while we automatically add the DS record on your domain.”

After a few days I created a support ticket to look into what’s going on. Cloudflare support recommended that I cancel DNSSEC and reenable it from the Manage Domains page which I did on November 17th. It still says the same pending message. I added a few comments to the support ticket but I haven’t heard back and the domain still isn’t resolving.

Is there anything else I can do here? Any DNS settings to change? I’d really like to get this resolved ASAP.

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Yep, this one could be a reason why this issue is appearing.

Have you tried flusing the DNSKEY and the DS type of DNS records for your endrpi.io domain name using below tool?:

Kindly, may I ask you to post your ticket number here in your next reply?

Hi @fritex

Sure thing, here you go: https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/requests/2306000



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@MoreHelp Can anyone look at this please?

Fritex already escalated it, but we’re having trouble getting someone from Support to look at it. Maybe @cloonan can get someone’s attention.

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@sdaymanI’m on day 16 of a complete website outage. Can someone just delete the DS record?

Hello, I experience the same problem; It was only resolved by canceling DNSSEC in the Cloudflare panel and asking the domain provider to remove the request to the registrar, I recommend doing the same, to make the domain work.