DNSSEC still pending after a few hours of waiting

Good day,

I have added the required DNSSEC entries at my domain registrar (labjt.ca), but it is still not being enabled on Cloudflare after waiting for a few hours.

I verified my domain on “dnsviz” and DNSSEC seems to be enabled.

Thank you for your assistance.

It seems those settings at your registrar have not been applied.
If you look at dnsviz: labjt.ca | DNSViz, you can see the nsec (record proving you don’t have any dnssec setup) is being served by ca nameservers for your domain.
Also via whois:

~$: whois labjt.ca
Domain Name: labjt.ca
Name Server: ligia.ns.cloudflare.com
Name Server: peyton.ns.cloudflare.com
DNSSEC: unsigned 

It looks like your Registrar is Web Hosting Canada. I would double check your DNSSEC config there and/or reach out to their support, it’s not being propagated/pushed to the registry/TLD.

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