DNSSEC signedDelegation Problem

I have been using Freenom registrar for many years to register domains, they have never enabled DNSSEC on any of my domains.

The DNSSEC on www.tangodigitalsystems.org was UNSIGNED before I made a transfer to CF but along the line I had to transfer back to Freenom out of my impatient, I guess I should have left it with CF.

The problem now is my domain DNSSEC status is now signedDelegation which I believed happened at CF before the transfer was made to Freenom.

I am thinking I should move it back to CF probably that will solve my problem, and the Freenom support is already a ghost story.

Please help.

That domain currently does have DNSSEC enabled, however that’s something only the registrar can change. It shouldn’t require a domain transfer to disable that and you won’t be able to transfer the domain either, if you just transferred it to the current registrar.

In short, contact your registrar and tell them to disable DNSSEC.

The registrar support is dead. I have sent tickets and no response.

Then you can only file a complaint with ICANN. Cloudflare is not involved here.

Thank you, I am doing that right away