Dnssec setup not activaated

please I want my dnssec configuration completed. my registrar has added the ds records given to me by Cloudflare on their end.

Changes to DNSSEC can take some time to propagate as the signatures often have a 24 hour TTL. What is the domain?

The domain name is truecrimeavenue.com Please can you help me confirm. Thanks alot

The DS records are not set correctly, see here…

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Please what do you suggest I do because my registrar sent me an email that the DS records have been added with the details I sent to them from Cloudflare.

Below is the reaponse I got.

Please find the DNSchecker results below:

We request that you allow about 24 hours for the DNS to propagate on all geolocations.

Cloudflare DS records use algorithm 13, you have set algorithm 5 at your registrar. See the link I posted.

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So i should tell my registrar to change it from 5 to 13 right? Will it solve it sir?

I might not understand the content of the link because I am not a web developer sir. If you can explain in Layman terms in will really be helpful to me sir. Or should I send the link to my registrar? They will definitely understand it better than me sir

As long as all of the DS record information set at your registrar matches what you got from the Cloudflare dashboard, it will work.

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Thanks alot. I will reach out to my registrar ASAP