DNSSEC settings

Can I setup DNSSEC with only these settings?

Cloudflare should give you the settings that apply to your zone, you just need to copy those details.

Yes. Most registrars only ask for the DS record, but your registrar can generate the DS record from that information, and verify that it is what your nameservers are generating before they have it added to the .one zone.

The values should be:
Key Tag: 2371
Algoritme: 13
Flags: KSK
Public Key: mdsswUyr3DPW132mOi8V9xESWE8jTo0dxCjjnopKl+GqJxpVXckHAeF+ KkxLbxILfDLUT0rAK9iUzy1L53eKGQ==

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Thank you, I will try this!

Looks good to me:


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