DNSSec Services

my domains are registered with Rebel and they do not provide DNSSec services, however, they provide the tools to allow me to configure my domain to work with third party DNS providers that offer DNSSec.
To configure the service, I need to get the Delegation Signer Records (DS) for the domain from your DNSSEC provider, and follow these steps:

1 - Sign the domain with DNSSec at your DNS provider and note the information from the DS records that was generated.
2. Complete the fields for Key Tag:, DNSKEY Algorithm:, Digest Type:, & Key Digest:
Then I send this to Rebel and wait up to 48 hours for my application to be processed. Additional time may be required for DNS propagation.

As a free user how do I do this? Your dashboard says my domains are invalid.

To turn on DNSSEC at Cloudflare, go to here in your dashboard…

Once enabled, the DS records to set at your registrar will be shown on that page.

What domain? In what way are they invalid?


at Get started - asks me to enter my domain, I enter my domain for https - shyui at dot com, click continue & response received is invalid domain.

Are you entering shyui.com?

I am not allowed to put a domain link in here - the message won’t send. Yes, and it is an https

@shyuidigital This domain does not use Cloudflare. In order to use DNSSEC, you need to add the domain first.

That is the crux of the problem -= I CANNOT ADD My DOMAIN TO CLOUDFLARE - IT SAYS INVALID DOMAIN. As a free user, I CANNOT Get any SUPPORT to understand why a domain I have had for 5 years with a working website & recently changed hosts only is INVALID.

I had to switch browsers. The documentation is poor. Thank you for your time. I have succeeded. It would be a good idea to show users how to put their domain name to add it correctly.

What was wrong with the documentation? It is hard to correct if you do not share.

Were you including the https:// in the blank along with your domain name? That could create a problem since that is the scheme and is not part of the domain name.


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