DNSSEC removal failed


I am facing an issue DNSSEC deactivation.

I initially turned on DNSSEC but later decided to disable it for development reasons, it seems that the record is still active and creates hovoc with my domains ysmz.eu records, could you please let me know how to deactivate it manually from CF control panel.

thank you

Try disabling it at your domain registrar. That should clear up any issues. The DNSSEC at Cloudflare just won’t be used at that point.

You can also toggle DNSSEC via the API:

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I cannot use the API key also the registrar informed me that there is no DS record for the DNSSEC on their side so Cloudflare should remove it……really stuck…

That means it’s still on at your registrar, yet you say it’s not. What’s the domain?

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His first message reads like ysmz.eu is his Domain

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Ah, right. I did look that one up, but forgot about it.

.eu does have a DS record for your domain, but it’s wrong. Only your registrar can fix it.


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