DNSSEC Records

I am having difficultly setting up MX dns records in my domain registrar (domains.co.za). They ask for different things than the info given. I’m not getting my mail.
They want to know:
Type (Otions of A, CNAME, MX etc)
In the records already there the value is an IP address…

I have entered my website address as the host, ttl is 3600 type is MX, priority is 13 and IP address (which i got off this site…) Where have I gone wrong. Thanks

DNSSEC is not necessarily mail related.

Let’s start with the actual domain.

That is a Cloudflare IP address, not the IP address of your mail server.

this is what is requested
from cloudflare:

"Add an A, AAAA, or CNAME record for www so that www.underbergweddings.online will resolve.

Add an A, AAAA, or CNAME record for your root domain so that underbergweddings.online will resolve.

Add an MX record for your root domain so that mail can reach @ underbergweddings.online addresses."

Im so lost

Also Im not getting my mail… which i was before i did the cloudflare thing… i really need to get this to work…The info requested from my domain provider is not what is in the DS record information given. I don’t know what is what…

Your MX currently points to a proxied record which points to an IP address ending in 80. Would that be the correct IP address of your mail server?

Can you post a screenshot of the actual error?

As for your DNSSEC configuration, that’s all right


Which nameservers did Cloudflare give you for your domain?

where do i find the ip address of my mail server… this may be the problem… is this info in my control panel? I will take some screen shots. … brb

Your host should have that IP address if you don’t have it. Nobody else can tell you that.

i need to fix the MX one. The second pic is what the domain register wants… Should I actually be fixing this at the hosting place?

That screenshot does not show the error you mentioned though.

As far as the MX record is concerned, that’s not an error but a warning. You’ll always have to “expose” your MX record as that is not proxied through Cloudflare. All you could do is unproxy the mail record, but then you will get the warning there.

Is this in any way related to my mail not working. I had mail this morning before the getting cloudflare. Now im not… so i thought it must be due to this “warning” because MX is for mail…?

Shouldn’t be, as mail should arrive just fine at your server.

Also, you do not have a valid SSL certificate on your server and have an insecure encryption mode right now. You need to fix this as well by installing a proper certificate on your server.

I thought that is what cloudflare does. You see, I have a cheap domain but free hosting somewhere else which shoes up as dangerous whenever i try to go to my site. I thought cloudflare gave you ssl by running it through their nameservers or something like that?

No, Cloudflare does not “give you SSL”, it only issues a certificate on the proxies. You still need a certificate on your server. What Cloudflare does is offer Origin certificates, but you still need to configure them on your server.

As for your MX issue, unproxy the mail record.

oh dear… this is becoming a nightmare… lol! thanks for your help… I think I need to start again. My free hosting won’t allow me to upload an ssl cert which i have already. thats why i thought okay cool - cloudflare will sort this…

Cloudflare can’t sort that as you always need a certificate on your server for SSL. All they do is aforementioned Origin certificate, but that’s still a regular certificate which needs to go on your server.

Focus on one thing at a time.