DNSSEC question?

Hi there,

If my domain registrar is an another company, where i have added the name server of Cloudflare and i add all the dns records in cloudflare.

Where shoudl i add the ds records? in the domain registrar or in the cloudflare?

Cloudflare is not my domain registrar.


DS records are added your domain’s parent zone by your registrar. You should follow these directions.

Hi @epic.network

Just to confirm i currently have added it in the Cloudflare as this is where i manage dns records and despite the nameserver is with cloudflare it should be added to my domain registrar. unless i bring the domain to cloudflare. Correct!

Added what in Cloudflare? You would only add a DS record in your Cloudflare zone to create a secure delegation to a child zone. Just follow the directions I linked and you should have what you need.

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