DNSSEC problem

I’ve just entered in cloudflare, and I have changed the DNS records in my domain host, so cloudflare is working now for me.
But the next step is to enable the DNSSEC: I have done, but the help file says that I need to write the DS record in my domain host.
But there is no dialog box telling the DS record to copy to my domain server.
Where do I find the DS record?
Also, my wordpress cahe (fastest cache) warns me and say that I should add my cloudflare API key.
Buy I haven’t received any APY key. Where can I find it?
Thanks in advance!!

Ok, I have already found the API key for the cache plugin.

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Just need the DS record…

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If DNSSEC isn’t up and running, you should be able to see the DS record in the DNSSEC section of the DNS page at Cloudflare.

But where?
If I click in enable DNSSEC, there is an warning that DNSSEC is enabled, but the dialog box stays all the time waiting, and I don’t see any DS record…

Can you post a picture of that? There’s usually some link that will show you what DNSSEC data it’s waiting for.

After clicking in enable DNSSEC, the dialog box is always waiting.
If I confirm or cancel, i go back to the DNSSEC page… I dont see any DS record… :?¿?¿

If you’re using CLoudflare as your registrar, DNSSEC enablement is done automatically.

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My domain server is not cloudflare, is a spanish one. And they have the possibility to use a DNSSEC record, but I dont know what to type…

There is a link directly below that button which says DS Record… that is the information you need to input at your registrar.

I am so clumsy.
I’ll try now… thanks a lot!!

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