DNSSEC porkbun

What values should be set for

Domain Name System Security (DNSSEC)


keyData fields

Max Sig Life: ???

Protocol: ???


Key Data Algorithm: ???

Setting up my website https://superstar.actor with porkbun.com

I’m pretty sure I didn’t enter any of that stuff.

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Me neither. You right, looks like it work even without it but I already invested ~40mins of my precious time to figure it out. And I love all fields to be filled if they do exist.
Looks like Max Sig Life usually set to 3600 at other registrars,
protocol field talks for itself, so we just need to figure out what algorithm generates 88 digit public key…

Cloudflare doesn’t know, Pork’s “lightning fast” support doesn’t know:

"… Hi Andrey,

Thanks for writing in and for your patience. Because this is DNSSEC with Cloudflare, we don’t know what the answers would be for those values and can’t really support it. We only have this guide on how to install generally a DNSSEC record: How to install DNSSEC

We apologize for the inconvenience of not being able to help more and please let us know if we can do anything else.

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