DNSSEC perpetually pending


I recently moved from alibabacloud Domains to Cloudflare as both registrar and nameserver. It’s all on Cloudflare now.

I’ve disabled and re-enabled DNSSEC on my domain: vpslala.com more than 48 hours ago now and see no change - It’s perpetually pending “In next 48 hours.”. (I’ve confirmed the time I made the change on the Cloudflare audit logs at 2022-05-5T10:38:20-04:00)

(I’ve used vpslala.com | DNSViz 5 to validate that it is still broken past the 48 hour period.)

Please help!


Just to confirm, you said that you made the change more than 48 hours ago but this timestamp is from today?

In the event that it has actually been more than 48 hours since you last enabled it, it looks like it’s stuck and will need some support intevention.

If you’re on a paid plan, make a ticket in the dashboard as per https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/200172476-Contacting-Cloudflare-Support

If you’re on a free plan, email [email protected] (from the same email as your dashboard account) explaining the issue and post the ticket ID here.

yes ,48 hours old , ticker id : 2441991


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looking into it now

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Responded on the ticket. We have escalated the matter. Will update once we hear from the team.

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