DNSSEC not activating

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Roughly two weeks ago, I tried to set up DNSSEC for my website, which uses Cloudflare’s DNS servers. I waited a few hours, but nothing happened. Then, I tried to add the DS record myself, but received a cryptic error.

After looking that up, it seems the change should be done automatically if I’m using Cloudflare’s DNS servers. Two weeks later, it still says DNSSEC is pending. What might be of note is that my domain was registered with Mythic Beasts, but AFAICT this change should be done on Cloudflare’s side, as I’m using Cloudflare’s DNS?

Registrar Dash Ticket - DNSSEC is not activating (2504024).

Can anyone let me know what’s gone wrong/what I need to do?


If your domain is not registered with Cloudflare, DNSSEC requires that you configure it at your domain registrar with the values provided by Cloudflare.


So does this effectively mean I can’t use Cloudflsre’s DNS servers for DNSSEC then? This is a DNS record, unless I’m mistaken, so it doesn’t make sense to set it up with my registrar when they aren’t the ones providing my DNS?

You absolutely can use DNSSEC with Cloudflare DNS and domains registered with any registrar that supports it, which should be deteremind by the TLD.

I have no domains that use Cloudflare as the registrar. Every domain I have using Cloudflare DNS has DNSSEC enabled.

You just need to enter the DNSSEC information provided by Cloudflare into the DNSSEC configuration at your domain registrar.

Alright then, I guess I clearly don’t understand how it works, so I’ll go do that and read up some more on DNSSEC. Thanks!

All went fine, cheers for that.


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