DNSSEC misconfiguration

Website type: Just 1 HTML page (not Wordpress).
Domain: https://ehuseynov.net
Hosting: Bluehost

I joined Cloudflare couple of days ago, My website stopped to work for half of the countries after that.

I was told that there is a problem with DNSSEC configuration, so I enabled it on Cloudlfare side and also asked my domain registrar to update DNSSEC DS Record settings on their side.

However they told me that I have to figure out solution on cloudflare side, this is their quote:
“To change dnssec setting from bluehost end the domain nameservers should point to bluehost since its not pointing to us dnssec setting needs to be check from current domain nameservers providers end which is cloudflare”

Kindly ask you to help me to resolve the issue.

Welcome to the Cloudflare Community. :logodrop:

You need to update the DS records at your registrar, which is Network Solutions according to your whois record.

:search: Web search results suggest you may need to open a support request with them to complete the update.