DNSSEC Issues, Please Help

Hi I have been trying to enable the DNSSEC however, I used the info provided under that link that gives the Digest, Key Tag, Public Key, Algorithm, DS Record and a few other things but I get this error message… DNS Validation Error Code (1004) DS digest is not a valid hexadecimal string of even length. All I did was copy and paste I didn’t add anything to it. My emails are going to spam so I though I needed to do this but the codes given for my domain are not working. What am I doing wrong or has Cloudflare given me the wrong Digest because it won’t even save. Thanks for your help

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Can you share the name of the domain?

Hi the domain is coursecreatorleadgenerator.com the website is not public yet I’m just trying to get the email straight

DNSSEC status should have no bearing on whether or not email is classified as spam.

DMARC, DKIM, and SPF are the DNS records that pertain to email authentication. Email authentication is part of most spam filtering and classification systems, but plenty of spam iis sent with valid SPF. It is still rare, however, to see DMARC compliant spam email, as DMARC takes more effort to set up.

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