DNSSEC issues / Moved to CF registrar

hi @ cloonan I need this also for my domain dimasmuharam.com. The transfer to CF is completed and my SSL is not activated yet and I still have issue for DNSSEC. thank you

I’ll move this to a different thread so we can close the one for @user8456 if resolved and escalate the one for @DimasMuharam if necessary.

I see DNSSEC was on/off/on with Cloudflare, was it also enabled and not disabled with the previous registrar?

@ cloonan I think so. My last two registrar was Namecheap and I guess I enabled the DNSSSE on that registrar. After that I moved to another registrar without disabling the DNSSSE and It worked. Now I have migrated to Cloudflare and I hope my problem will be solved soon

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Hi @DimasMuharam I have created ticket 2443011 under your account. You will have received a copy of the ticket and you can view it in your dash.

I’ll escalate this post for my Registrar colleagues to assist.

thanks @cloonan for your help. Hope this case will be solved soon.

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Changing to solved, since Dimas confirmed the issue has been solved by the Registrar team via the ticket.

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