DNSSEC Issue, Domain not Connect to DNS in Cloudflare

Can domain connect to cloudflare server after DNSSEC applied? Domain has not connected to DNS server in cloudflare.

Namaskar @surdas19!

When last we spoke the next steps were to log into your registrar account to remove the invalid DNSSEC values.

Checking the current status of the domain it still has invalid DNSSEC values. Until that is resolved the domain can’t resolve because you’ve instructed other DNS servers not to trust any answer which isn’t signed properly using the values at your registrar. Since Cloudflare can’t sign those records as currently configured the values need to be removed / updated to a valid set from Cloudflare.



I have already sent my cloudflare all DNSSEC records to my domain provider. I want to know if they shall be resolved the dnssec issue my website can visible?

Assuming you provide them the appropriate values and they enter them appropriately? Once the cached incorrect values have expired they would resolve.

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I was contacting my domain registra the send me this mail…Dear.,


Please be informed that the DNSSEC you have provided does not match to that of our data. Thus, we cannot disable the DNSSEC yet. Please provide the correct DNSSEC information for us to disable it from our end.
We look forward to your response.

Hope we are able to provide the information that you need. Please let us know if you need further assistance.

Have a great day and stay safe always!

Now what I do?

I don’t know. Their request makes no sense. You are asking them to disable DNSSEC, there are no values to provide.

I mean if you are going to reenable it using DNSSEC values from Cloudflare whatever you copy paste from the dashboard will be accurate for your zone.

Perhaps the agent servicing your request can escalate your request or you can refer them to this thread for clarification of your request.

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