DNSSEC is right?

As I show you in the picture, is it correct?

It’s not set up to take advantage of DNSSEC/not actually secure, but it also won’t break DNS Resolution the way it is now. You can see there gr is returning NSEC (proof of non-existence) for dnssec for your domain (and also showing as insecure). If you wanted to take advantage of DNSSEC, you’d want to change your DNSSEC settings at your Registrar to match what is in Cloudflare.


I have to upload it to my server so that it can be verified and then it will be activated?

Upload what to your server? You set DNSSEC at your domain registrar. You can review the steps here.

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do I have to set it up here?

I found it!
what do I put in the name field?


Above screenshot’s you’ve provided are:
a) Cloudflare interface - you don’t put DS here
b) Plesk panel - your web hosting interface, you also don’t put DS here

About .gr ccTLD registrars, please find it where you have registered your .gr domain on the list here:

Should be the same interface / login you’ve used when you changed your nameservers to Cloudflare. Or did you contact someone else to do it for you? :thinking:

More about DNSSEC and .gr ccTLD:

Helpful answers here:

The DS record you’d be given from Cloudflare interface (under DNSSEC settings as linked in post from above) is the value you have to copy-paste to your .gr registrar.

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