DNSSEC is pending

DNSSEC for your domain will be automatically enabled in the next 24 hours.
DNSSEC is pending while we automatically add the DS record on your domain.

Unable to get into http://nachlasyy.org.

I was able to load your page fine. I would clear your cache or try an incognito window to check.

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It looks OK. DNSSEC is active, and you have a valid LTS certificate.
Note that the warning you see above is just DigiCert telling you that your certificate was not issued by them, which is perfectly fine.

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Thank you for asking.

I’ve checked, all good for now. DNSSEC is fine and correct, no issues.
Can confirm, website is loading too from my end.

As @Cyb3r-Jak3 already suggested:

  1. Try using a different Web browser
  2. Try clearing your Web browser cache
  3. Try with Private window (Incognito mode)
  4. Try with VPN connection if possible
  5. Try with your mobile phone (4G LTE, mobile data, cellular) if possible

Marking this as solved.

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