DNSSEC is pending while we automatically add the DS record on your domain


My domain’s registrar is Cloudflare (suctremmt.com). I enabled DNSSEC yesterday,

The status note says:

DNSSEC is pending while we automatically add the DS record on your domain.
DNSSEC for your domain will be automatically enabled in the next 24 hours.

But 24 and more hours passed, the progress is still pending. Is that normal?

Thank you!

Please open a ticket via email with everything from your post: support AT cloudflare DOT com

Then post the ticket # here so we can re-open and escalate it when Community Support is on duty Monday.

I sent a ticket to support. The ticket id is #2362481
Thank you

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I’ve added that ticket to the escalation queue.

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It’s been four days since DNSSEC turned on, and the status is still “DNSSEC is pending while we automatically add the DS record on your domain”. How to contact technical support? Because the old registrar of the domain (Hostinger) can not meet the requirements (DNSSEC Algorithm), I have transferred to Cloudflare. It has been a week since this domain was transferred, but all sites and services relevant to this domain can not work due to DNSSEC.

Yet only two days since you brought this to anybody’s attention.

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Thanks for flagging it. We see multiple tickets on this from your team. I have replied on one ticket. Will close the other tickets in favor of that. Thanks for understanding.



I’m experiencing the same issue.

I migrated my domain to Cloudflare registar, migration succeeded 3 days ago. My domain is still not working.

I migrated without disabling DNSSEC with the previous registar. I had to do so because old registar support is not able to remove DNSSEC (they have no DNSSEC control in their control panel and never had. They were kind to enable DNSSEC for me via a support request more then 5 years ago, but last week I contacted their technical support with a request to remove it and they refused to help me). My assumption was that Cloudflare is a leading company promoting DNSSEC, and has control for DNSSEC in control panel, lots of articles written about DNSSEC, should be easily fixed here.

After I migrated domain I went over and enabled DNSSEC, it was hanging for more than 24 with same message as above, I created a support request #2363306.
Since then I tried disabling DNSSEC and enabling it again, tried to do this with different delays, nothing helps: neither DS old records are deleted nor new DS records were put at the .com level to replace old ones.

My domain is not working for almost a week now: all resolvers respect DNSSEC nowdays, my zone domain is now signed with Cloudflare keys, but this cannot be validated with DS records.

Since domain was just migrated I cannot even migrate elsewhere to try to fix it with other registar.

I got only single response to my support request 1 day ago, and there is silence since then. I understand that “free” plans get less priority, but I payed at least for the domain transfer, Cloudflare is now registar of my domain, what else could I do to enforce DS records change?

I also understand that I may have made situation worse checking/unchecking DNSSEC option for my domain, but when you have domain not working for a week (since I changed DNS server to Cloudflare ones before migrating), have no control over DS records for my domain, and no real support from Support, I was trying every little thing I could to make it work.

I really need help! Support request #2363306

Not sure if my above message helped or not, but I had finally a response for my support request and it was escalated to the Cloudflare Registrar team.

Almost immediately old DS records disappeared, domain became operational (I checked with dig) and now it’s in the process of propagating new records.

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