DNSSEC is pending while DS record exists according to registrar


I have an issue witht the activation of DNSSEC for my domain puurliving.be. It stays pending since quite some time now (weeks), and my registrar has tried everything he could. According to him, the DS record is correctly set up.
However, when I do the verification, it is not. He says het cannot help me any further. He thinks the problem is with Cloudflare.

This is from Cloudflare diagnostics

Cloudflare is my primary DNS and nameservers are pointing to Cloudflare too.

Does anyone has a suggestion on how I can solve this?

Any input is highly appreciated!

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Nope, afraid no DS record there.

Yes, I know, but they say there is one. And I can’t see nor modify it myself. The question is, can there be another cause or does this mean it’s 100% sure that there is no DS record?

I am afraid there isn’t. Either there is a DS record configured or there is none. In your case it is the latter. The screenshot should make that pretty clear to them.

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Hello Sandro,
thank you for your answer. Unfortunately, they state that they added the DS record. They contacted also Cpanel and were also advised to contact Cloudflare. Unfortunately, there’s no way (I can find) to contact Cloudflare. So I’m a bit stuck in between and have no idea how I can solve this.

Maybe move to another registrar if yours cannot help you. I am afraid Cloudflare does not control your domain and only your registrar can fix that.

I think I will do that. It seems like there’s no other solution.

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