DNSSEC is not enabling

I have enabled DNSSEC for my domain, it should take 24h to enable but it’s not enabling by 3 days.
The domain is incominglivestudio.net, the registrar is on Cloudflare so it should make things easier.

Am I missing something?

It sounds simple, but I’d try disabling it, wait a short while (maybe 10 minutes), then reenable it. Give it some time again and check it here:

I’ve found with my other registrar DNSSEC doesn’t always setup on the first try; I believe there’s quite a few moving parts to configure, and there could have a glitch somewhere. A retry might just fix it. HTH

I’ve tried it, but I’ll give to it another chance… I check it with dnssec-debugger and unboundtest.

The .net registry has the wrong DS record. Most likely left over from your old registrar.

You’ll have to open a ticket via email to support AT cloudflare DOT com and ask them to reset the DS record.


May I ask you where you find this kind of infos?
I’d write an email to the support, I’ll keep the thread updated, thank you all.

Seems that without a pro plan the support will never listen to you…
Sadly it’s not a problem I can solve myself.

Email them like @sdayman said and then post the ticket number here, even if it auto-closes the ticket.

It can be re-opened and escalated here as necessary.


I’m sorry, I did not understand that tickets can be reopened and escalated here.

The ticket number is: #2466192

I’ve escalated that ticket.


Thank you all! The problem is resolved!

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