Dnssec & ionos

I already found that thread from @djnate, but it was closed due to 30 days inactivity.

I also wanted to setup DNSSEC on my .de Domain which is a supported DNSSEC tld.
But after contacting IONOS they also told me its just available (at IONOS) if you book a additionally “Domain Guard” Service which is more expensive then the domain itself.

As I can understand they demand mone for a service which would be implemented with one click I can not understand that they do not even offer the option to manually add DS-Entries to the Zone, which is required to setup DNSSEC.

After more then 12 years I have been a very statisfied 1und1 (now IONOS) customer. But with the time things changed.

  1. (2015) Registered at Cloudflare
  2. (2016) I pointed all NameServer (beside from one Domain) to the ones from CloudFlare
  3. (2017) registered a Partner Account (not useable anymore ?)
  4. (2017) set up own RailGun Server, well at least tested it…
  5. (2020) want to implement DNSSEC and every service provider is very motivated to allow this, but not IONOS

What I had at IONOS:

  1. Domains (moved soon)
  2. ̶̶D̶̶̶̶̶N̶̶̶̶̶S̶̶̶
  3. Server

Soon I will move ALL Domains to another Domain Hoster which is:

  1. cheaper
  2. allows custom NS
  3. allows DNSSEC entries

For me this is very disappointing as I like the Servers there but seems like its time to outsource everything else - for me this is ok as my whole Domain Setup is set up to be independend.

Mail-Server is seperate ✓
Web-Server is seperate ✓
Servers are seperate ✓
Backups are seperate ✓

Does anyone of you guys know any good Domainhoster for .de Domains? Or is Cloudflare anytime soon be able to host .de domains as promissed years ago?

I personally thought about do.de as they state at the bottom of THIS page:

Which translated means:

That sounds that I at least will be able to use DNSSEC with them when I use a external DNS Service like CloudFlare.
I will contact their customer Service and verify if its possible.

Did you guys wanted to set up DNSSEC in particular at .de Domains and what are your experiences about this?

I at least will keep this post up to date.

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