DNSSEC how to ? with Cloudflare

Hello, i don’t know if the DNSSEC in OVH make problems with Cloudflare ? Thanks

You should be fine as long as you can specify at OVH the DNSSEC settings provided by Cloudflare on the DNS screen.

In OVH there is on/off setting for DNSSEC i don’t see how to put the settings of Cloudflare. I have deactivated DNSSEC but the plugin don’t work, i deactivated all plug ins, don’t work, i don’t know where is the problem, i will see if there is an option in OVH for settings Cloudflare, but i don’t beleive. Thank you to you !!

You need to enter the settings at your registrar. I assume OVH is your registrar in this case. If it is not clear where to enter them, you best contact your registrar to clarify that. The settings themselves you will find on the DNS screen under DNSSEC.

attached a capture of the DNSSEC option of OVH, I have no other options than switch to ON/OFF, I will ask them. Thank you

I understand that toggle is only for when you use OVH’s nameservers. When you use third-party nameservers you seem to have to configure the DS record manually. Understanding and configuring DNSSEC in Cloudflare DNS – Cloudflare Help Center has more on that, but details you best clarify with OVH.

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