DNSSEC failing test on Firefox with all set up


Having now got my girlfriends, she having exactly the same software setup as I, I am faced with a puzzling DNSSEC failure.
On my Firefox I get 4 green ticks on the Cloudflare test. On this is one I get 3 green ticks. Yet all Firefox about:config are the same.
The only differences are that my Win 7 64bit PC is wire connected directly to my Sky router, however my GF’s wired connection is via a 1 Gig home wired network using a switch/hub to a Virgin router. Also, the Secure DNS result takes about 10 seconds to return, but on my PC it’s almost instantaneous.
Pictures attached. Have I missed something?

Try this and see if it works. And for your phones, download Cloudflares app

Simple DNScrypt

Don’t forget to go to cmd > ipconfig /flushdns or better yet reboot

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Thanks for that.
I already use the App on my Androids.

I’ll try these, however I am perplexed as to how my PC didn’t need anything else done, yet has 4 green ticks.

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