DNSSEC errors in my domain

hello my domain [networkti.com] was in Google domains And it was transferred last week to godaddy. when this domain was on Google it had a Dnssec configuration.

When transferring to godaddy I did not know that I needed to disable Dns. I have been having problems with name resolution on the internet for over a week. There is no dnssec entry in godaddy and I have already transferred my domain’s NS records to cloudfare.

currently it is the cloudfare that accounts for the SOA registration of my domain. How to delete this old Dnssec entry? i don’t have access to google domains anymore and everything that was google domains doesn’t exist anymore.

dnssec is configured in the cloudfare. i already got in contact with godaddy and also with google domains. they said that currently this domain is aimed at cloudfare and only cloudfare will be able to correct this issue. please check with advanced support because I am over a week with this problem associated with my domain without resolution. thanks

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