DNSSEC error while information on ICANN's whois seem correct

I am trying to setup DNSSEC for my domain n7dmr.radio. However, it is currently in “error” state. DNSSEC’s information on ICANN’s whois page is correct.

DNSViz did show bogous ( n7dmr.radio | DNSViz)
I am not sure what’s wrong

You simply have an incorrect DNSSEC setup at your registrar.

$ dig +short @anycast23.irondns.net n7dmr.radio DS
32976 13 2 E9132FA40726205BB2A43AD784171FC8EC7A3954DDC669454ACB738C 54D5C5B9

Make sure you set the values at your registrar which were given to you by Cloudflare.


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