DNSSEC - error: eu zone: The server(s) were not responsive to queries over UDP. (

Recently I have registered new .eu domain (2 days ago).
Successfully added domain it to Cloudflare.
Enabled DNSSEC at Cloudflare.
Added the given DS record to eurid for my domain.
Created Firewall rule to allow only requests from IP of my home country (due to the development process of the website).

And when checking with DNSVIZ I got the error:

eu zone: The server(s) were not responsive to queries over UDP. (

I have sent an inquiry to eurid due to this error (info[at]eurid[dot]eu, domain-admin[at]eurid[dot]eu, domain-tech[at]eurid[dot]eu)

Also flushed DS/DNSKEY record at for my domain.

Using dig command the result is:

dig visitnovimarof.eu +dnssec +short
A 13 2 300 20210327065339 20210325045339 34505 visitnovimarof.eu. RxTRHy5pKjGBnLUFvFxYGc56Y0AnKV8c4rGIk7/g+J5ej9KaD0LV5C5H J9i+Ms0czRXn1vWbOzN6sDGKWxGhXQ==

First time this error, so do not know if it is:

  1. Due to eurid server?
  2. My DNS at Cloudflare?
  3. Wrongly typed DS record?
  4. Firewall rule?
  5. Did I somehow blocked an IP of eurid servers at my iptables/fail2ban?


Removed Firewall rule, if that was the case, but still this one:

All Queries to nl.dns.eu for eu/DNSKEY timed out or failed
All Queries to nl.dns.eu for visitnovimarof.eu/A timed out or failed

Or maybe something due to recent Cloudflare status:

Yes, that is what the message would suggest. It says “” does not respond to DNS queries on UDP and that’s the Dutch nameserver of “.eu”.

Though for me it does appear to respond to UDP queries, so the issue might be that DNSViz is blocked :man_shrugging:t2:.


Not related to DNSSEC.

Neither of the two. Nothing HTTP related nor to your server configuration.

My best guess, DNSViz is blocked for whatever reason.

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