DNSSEC error and how to address?

We pointed nameservers from Network Solutions to CF and DNS not picking up after 48h window.
Network solution support team telling us they no longer in charge but we found DNSSEC error. https://dnsviz.net/d/biowave.com/dnssec/

Question is how we can address that problem? Is there anything Network Solution should do or CF?

Domain name biowave.com

Thank you for help.

DNSSEC is enabled at Network Solutions and Cloudflare.

You need to take the DS records shown by Cloudflare here…


… and set them at Network Solutions. Google tells me this needs to be done by raising a ticket with Network Solutions as you can’t do it yourself (but that may have changed), plus lots of complaints about getting it done smoothly.

[add] You also have some other issues (see link above) that will become obvious once the DNSSEC issue is fixed.

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Hi @devops125,

You may check this documentation for further reference:

Thank you.

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