DNSSEC & edge cert generation stuck at pending status

I recently transferred a couple domains to cloudflare from network solutions. I didn’t have control of the domains while network solutions was the registrar. Apparently DNSSEC was enabled on both domains, and was not disabled before the transfer process took place. Now that I’m trying to enable it on cloudflare, I’m encountering the same issue tons of other apparently have, where DNSSEC is stuck in pending status. I’m also encountering an issue where edge SSL cert generation is stuck at “Pending Validation (TXT)” How should I address? DNSSEC sure seems like a registrar issue to me, so I created a ticket and cloudflare immediately closed it. I’m so frustrated I’d honestly like to just transfer the domains elsewhere but I can’t because both are locked until October, apparently due to the change in registrant contact info. This is a pretty unacceptable situation right now. Is anyone able to offer advice on how to get these issues looked at? I’d understand cloudflare’s insistence on getting paid before talking to you…but in this case this feels like a cloudflare issue.

We have responded to your issue on the ticket 2907171.

You should be able to open a ticket on a free plan in the future by selecting registrar as your issue.

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