DNSSEC DS records for subdomain


I want to add DNSSEC DS records for subdomain of my domain because i can’t see any output with this test from Verisign:

I don’t see this settings. Please explain whether the separate settings are really needed or whether the current settings apply to the subdomain too?

Thank you.

So you are delegating a sub-domain to different nameservers?

In that case you’d simply set up a DS record on Cloudflare’s side and provide the values which apply to your sub-domain.

Which domain are we talking about?

Thank you for your answer. No, the nameservers is the same - from CF.

The domain is test.ammnt.app

That’s not a sub-domain but a regular hostname via an A record. Nothing to do here, the domain’s own DNSSEC configuration will cover that.

So I don’t need DS records for this host? Right? Thanks anyway.

DNSSEC is domain specific. As you don’t have a separate domain you don’t need an extra configuration.

DNSSEC is all right → ammnt.app | DNSViz

Thank you so much!

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