Dnssec / ds not found

I added the DNSSEC to my records on but when I verify it I can’t tell if it works - also Verisign seems to be missing a record “ No DS records found” so I don’t get it.

You need to enable DNSSEC at your domain registrar using the data Cloudflare provided for your domain. If you posted your domain, we could take a closer look.

According to Verisign and DNSviz, there’s no DS record for your domain in the .com zone. Which goes back to the need for your registrar fix this.

Which I’ve told them that and yet they tell me to contact Cloudflare.

How nice…GoDaddy. Push harder, or find a registrar who knows how to do DNSSEC. Here are some instructions if they need a refresher. https://www.internetsociety.org/resources/deploy360/2012/step-by-step-how-to-use-a-dnssec-ds-record-to-link-a-registar-to-a-dns-hosting-provider-4/

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Since they can’t find their way around their own documentation, give this a try:



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Who would yall register with?

My favorite is Gandi.net. Porkbun.com is my favorite small registrar.

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You can transfer your domain to CloudFlare and use it as your registrar, or use a good Swiss or Icelandic registrar. I use hostpoint.ch, though there are others from which to choose that have English sites in addition to Swiss German (which Hostpoint uses exclusively; they do, however offer English based support via email if needed by anyone). I didn’t encounter any Swiss French-only registrar sites. Icelandic registrars are, relatively, either exclusively Icelandic or both Icelandic & English. Transferring your domain to CloudFlare for existing domains is the easiest and generally cheapest route to take. For new registrations, turn to Switzerland or Iceland. I’ve found each a good option with my personal preference going to Switzerland.

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