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Hi Cloudflare Family,
I’m trying to setup DNSSEC with my domain.com domain name. A few years ago on one of my old domain names they set up my DNSSEC without an issue. I contacted them today and asked for assistance in setting up my DNSSEC and they tried telling me they no longer offer the DNSSEC support (which they do they just don’t display it on the UI). They told me I’ll have to talk to Cloudflare about setting my DNSSEC for me because they’re the primary domain name providers?

Domain.com has submitted a ticket with the “higher ups” to get this resolved for me but I’m still unsatisfied.

If anyone has any tips, advice, information or if any Cloudflare Staff can help me understand how to resolve this so my domain runs DNSSEC it’ll be greatly appreciated.

I’m trying to run a Social Network, I want deep-depth security everywhere. Not just everywhere except open to domain hijacking… SMH.


You need both ends to support DNSSEC:

  1. Your domain registrar (Domain.com)
  2. Your DNS host (Cloudflare)

Cloudflare can get its end configured, but without your registrar’s support, you’re stuck. When that happens to me, I transfer my domain to a registrar that has better DNSSEC support. Gandi is where I ended up transferring one such domain.


Yeah, it drives me crazy they try telling me it’s not supported when it is but they have to manually do it. I might try and find somewhere else to send my domain name but it’ll be hard because I’ve used domain.com for years.

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