I have added one of my org.uk domains to Cloudflare and everything appears to be working fine and has propagated accordingly.

When activating DNSSEC within Cloudflare it shows the following message

“DNSSEC is pending while we automatically add the DS record on your domain.”

How is this possible? My domain is registered with Gandi, so their is no way for Cloudflare to automatically add anything. This message has been showing for around two days without presenting the records required to add at the Registrar.

Any advice would be greatly appreicated in that Cloudflare support refuse to assist and keep saying as I am not a paid customer, it’s not something they can look into.

Many thanks

I believe that if you click the Help link (or there might be another link down there somewhere), it will show you the info you need to add at Gandi. Looking at one of mine, it has a DS Record link next to Help.

Are you sure that domain is registered at Gandi? Or did you transfer the domain registration to Cloudflare?

If you need more specific guidance, please post the domain name.

Thanks for your reply. There doesn’t appear to be any record when I click help. Just double checked the domain registration and it is still registered with Gandi from what I am able to see on WHOIS.

The domain name is openjustice.org.uk.

All the best

That’s certainly looking like a bug to me. Any DNSSEC I’ve had Pending also let me see the record, and my currently active DNSSEC domains still let me see the DS record info that I’d need to add at my registrar.

Yours just behaves as if it thinks you’re registered at Cloudflare. And .co.uk is now open for registrations. Maybe @domjh knows if .co.uk DNSSEC behavior has changed.

In the meantime, please open a ticket: support AT cloudflare DOT com and explain the situation, including a link to this thread. As soon as you get the autoreply, which will probably also auto-close the ticket, post the ticket # right here so we can escalate.

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