DNSs have already been pointed out, but Cloudflare doesn't detect my site

Hello everyone

I have this very strange problem

As you can see HERE: https://who.is/dns/mucurici.es.gov.br
The mucurici.es.gov.br domain is using the cloudflare dns.

The appointment was made on 07/30/2021, 13 days ago.

Other domains that I have, with the same ending were pointed out and are working normally on cloudflare (except cmpontobelo.es.gov.br has not yet been pointed out).

This appears to be a bug. I’ve already had CloudFlare check it several times and nothing changes.

I removed the site, and added it again, entering all records manually.
(Strangely when I removed the site, it stopped working)
After I finished entering the records, the site came back online, But CloudFlare still doesn’t detect it.

Someone can help with this please?

See the attached image.

Delegação Mucurici

Is not a sub domain.

ES.GOV.BR is a restricted domain, used by the Espírito Santo State Government.

All cities use this ending in their domains. Mucurici is a city of the Espirito Santo State.

See in the prints that in the domains of other cities in this state this does not occur, “montanha, pontobelo”

Please, @MoreHelp

Do you have a ticket number about this issue that you can share?

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You may want to double check your nameservers and what you set at your registrar.

nslookup -type=ns mucurici.es.gov.br ns1.es.gov.br
Server:  ns1.es.gov.br

mucurici.es.gov.br      nameserver = cecelia.ns.cloudflare.com.es.gov.br
mucurici.es.gov.br      nameserver = kyle.ns.cloudflare.com


The Ticket number is



You don’t need a ticket, you need to fix the nameservers.

I checked, everything is ok!

As you can see it is pointing to the cloudflare and the Site seems to be going through cloudflare, because when I removed the site from cloudflare it stopped.

But for some reason cloudflare says on the panel that the site is not pointing, but it is!

Well, no, not everything is okay → DNSs have already been pointed out, but Cloudflare doesn't detect my site - #6 by sandro

On my side everything is ok.

The domain is pointing to the cloudflare nameservers, and the site is going through cloudare.
See: https://who.is/dns/mucurici.es.gov.br

But cloudflare will not free up the resources to manage the site. So, I believe it’s something on the cloudflare side.

What else can I do???

So cecelia.ns.cloudflare.com.es.gov.br is a valid Cloudflare nameserver and has been assigned to your domain?


but where did you find this data?

because in the link I sent you, there are the correct nameservers,

And in this link here too:

Posted that 13 hours ago.

But as I wrote numerous times already, did you double check that? I don’t think so.

Can you explain how you got this information so that I can contact those responsible for the appointment and ask them to check it?

Ehm, what’s unclear about

So, once more, did you check what you set at your registrar? I don’t think so.

I’m not the one who configures the DNS, I just request the changes.

I asked them if they had done everything correctly as I asked, and the answer was yes. (see atached image).

On the nslookup.io and who.is sites I see everything correct too.

Can you please, give me the step by step so I can see where you found the information that the dns is wrong ?

Well, earlier excerpt clearly shows that is not correct.

You will need to talk to your registrar or whomever configures that to fix that. As long as the nameservers are wrong your domain won’t validate on Cloudflare.

Below is the image with the confirmations I received

We are going in circles here. I can only repeat what I wrote earlier.