Dnslookup show the pointed ip


hello guys,

if i Point an ip to cloudflare via A record, is it possible to hide ip in dnslookup ? if cloud is only Grey - not orange


Cloudflare protection and IP address hiding only works when you have your DNS records set to :orange:

I’m pretty sure your website won’t work well if you point directly to the Cloudflare IP address.


And why would you like to point an A Record to a Cloudflare IP? :thinking:
It’s not always the same btw. They have thousands :joy:


i need to forward my customer to an supplier server, who did not use cloudflare. but i dont want that anybody see the servers destination. if i make the cloud orange, my service which i provide did not work anymore.


Ok. So you have a CloudFlare account. What happens when you set the record to :orange:?


Does the Supplier server belong to you as part of your domain?


Cloudflare can only hide the origin for content is proxies :orange: records. :grey: point direct to the origin. You would not want to point a :grey: record at Cloudflare directly.

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