DNSimple / Cloudflare / Heroku Error 1016

I am using DNSimple as a registrar for my website. It delegates the domain to Cloudflare using their name servers. I’ve configured Heroku to use an SSL Certificate provided by Cloudflare under the Origin Server, and have created custom domains from the Heroku Side. I then add these to the DNS management in Cloudflare, creating two CNAMES for the domain and the domain without “www”, which leverage the CNAME flattening and point to the provided Heroku endpoints as content.

All of a sudden, this configuration breaks without warning and provides an error 1016 to anyone visiting my site. I have no idea what to fix because nothing has expired and nothing has changed. I have fumbled with this endlessly without knowing how to fix this, and none of the prior threads are useful to me. Could anyone point me in the right direction?

Heroku are currently experiencing an ongoing outage: https://status.heroku.com/

Unfortunately all we can do is wait for them to resolve this.

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