Dnscrypt-proxy 1.0.12 released


Hi friends,

I just released a new version of dnscrypt-proxy, that you can use to connect to Cloudflare using DNS-over-HTTP/2.

Version 2.0.12 fixes a compatibility issue with Alpine Linux (for the gory details: The Go compiler on Alpine Linux enables PIE by default, which clobbered the CX register in the ChaCha20 cipher implementation).

The IPv6 filter now returns synthetic SOA records to improve compatibility with downstream (stub) resolvers.

Finally, a small but significant change: the proxy now waits for network connectivity before starting. This is especially useful if the proxy is automatically started at boot, possibly before the network interfaces are fully configured.

Info and download: https://dnscrypt.info - https://github.com/jedisct1/dnscrypt-proxy/


jedisct1 - I love this development. Although I’m not a tech person, I recently started using Simple DNSCrypt to get your dnscrypt-proxy working on my WIn 7 Pro 64-bit machine on my fairly new FIOS 1Gbps service.
However, Simple DNSCrypt shows that I have only version 2.0.8 of dnscrypt-proxy. How can I update it to 2.0.12?


You need to wait for a new version of Simple DNSCrypt.

But if the current version works fine, there is no urgency :slight_smile: