DNSCHECKER says website is propagated but it's unreachable

I bought a domain along with hosting yesterday from Namesilo, installed Wordpress, updated the nameservers to Cloudflare’s, gave it a while, and checked the DNS on dnsdchecker dot org, it says propagated but my website wouldn’t load, it keeps saying “This site can’t be reached” DNS address could not be found.

It was suggested to me to change proxy status from proxied to DNS only, gave it some time, but nothing has changed, I still can’t access the website, I also pinged the hosting IP, and it’s responding correctly.

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Your Root Domain 301 Redirects to www.karima.live. But there doesnt seem to be a DNS Record for the WWW Entry. You would need to add a Record for www


You are correct, I forgot to do that. Now that that is configured, there seems to be a problem with Invalid SSL certificate upon checking the website. I’m using Full (strict)

When using Full Strict Cloudflare Validates that the Certificate returned by your Webserver is valid. So you cant use a Self Signed one there. You could use a Origin Certificate


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