Сменил DNS у регистратора доменов но сайт не заработал

A link to the video and here? Not the topic as something about honey))) My business has fallen for the new year, and honey shows me honey here)))

You want DDoS protection, but don’t want to interfere with bots. So we showed you a firewall rule that lets bots through.

You should use that. Any more exceptions will open you to DDoS.

This is a good time to end the thread before it goes in circles.

If I still read English well))) I have to make efforts to answer here and translate the documentation)))

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So there it is not necessary to register each bot separately? Just set such values ​​as you have in the picture? The latest JS Challenge can set Allow not I apologize, I don’t want to waste time, and so in Yandex about 80% of the site flew out. Sorry !

Please refer to the link with the recognised crawlers I posted previously. If you want to allow crawlers but challenge everyone else you should implement the rule shown earlier.

So did everything right? Thank you helped me, Happy New Year to you! All the best to you, dear friend!

OFF Yes ?

Is that the same as the screenshot posted earlier? No :wink:

You’d be blocking only bots in that way.

Thank you, happy new year to you too. :partying_face:

This rule in the firewall should be turned off, right? Forgive me, just translating the text into Russian is not really an exact understanding of it)))

That appears to now match the screenshot that @sandro posted earlier!! So yes :slightly_smiling_face:

Happy new year!!

Happy New Year to you, too ! Forgive me )))))

No problem! Glad you got it working :slightly_smiling_face:

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