Сменил DNS у регистратора доменов но сайт не заработал

Hello !!! I registered and changed the DNS record to the ones you specified. It took 24 hours but the site did not work. Please help me, my site met with DDOS and I set up protection, set up changing dns from your domain registrar to yours. The site does not work writes 404 and the subdomain made a lot of forwarding.
Help please! Site helpsetup.ru

You seem not to have a proper HTTPS certificate on your server. Make sure you have a valid one installed.

Does your server IP end in 62?

Not understood ? IP ends 62 what? Hours or what is it?

You have a certificate issue and you need to fix that on your server. You need to install a proper HTTPS certificate.

Is it your appropriate or what? I have an HTTPS certificate. By default I have it on hosting. I really yesterday was hosting me in connection with the DDOS attack. But me on the new hosting put SSL. Do I need to put your or which hosting?

Cloudflare cant connect because of a certificate error. If you feel comfortable to reveal your server’s IP address that could be checked here, otherwise you might have to contact Cloudflare’s support.

Community Tip - Fixing Error 525: SSL handshake failed addresses the issue.

Thanks for the answer! I thought that the Cloudflare SSL certificate and the one that is on the domain and they do not have compatibility that two certificates stand at the same time. It turned out that the domain has not yet been issued, time must wait. And I did not set up Cloudflare SSL in the settings to receive.
I just heard that there is a free SSL certificate on Cloudflare but I don’t know for sure? Thank you I understood everything, Thank you so much!

Tell me if I turn on DDOS protection on Cloudflare, will search engine robots be unable to enter the site?

What would you turn on in this case?

Yes, excuse me, in any case, I would have to include protection, but I’m so for reference))) DDOS can continue for 24 hours and for these days search engine robots will not see the site and the site in search will go down. I mean, as soon as possible, turn off the protection and monitor the DDOS when it ends. Or if DDOS continues and protection is enabled,
search engine robots can go to the site?

It depends on what you enable, hence the question.

Under Attack Mode

Show visitors a JavaScript challenge when visiting your site.

That should apply to all requests, including bots.

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You could disable Under Attack and instead apply the following firewall rule, which challenges everything except bots known to Cloudflare.


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Captcha for everybody? Why not JS challenge?

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My bad, was supposed to be a JS challenge, but the underlying concept is the same.

Though, on a second thought, captcha for everyone isnt all that bad maybe :wink:


Fixed :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Well, I need users and bots, especially Yandex and Google, so they go quietly?

Please forgive me, I’m not good at it yet. Could you send a screen and on which tab are these tools: Captcha 3 and others? You are welcome !